Remington Shortcut Clipper

Remington Shortcut ClipperIf you’re tired of regularly visiting your local barber shops, here’s a new way for you to shave and cut your own hair anytime and anywhere – the Remington Shortcut Clipper.

The Remington Shortcut Clipper is available on Amazon with free shipping

Known as the first clipper system designed for men, this product from Remington offers the right solution for your hair clipping and trimming needs. The Remington Shortcut Clipper is known to deliver fast and error-free results to give you an attractive and fresh new look. With the Remington Shortcut Clipper there is no need to visit your professional hair stylist and shell out large amounts of money for the service. Find out more below to see why this product in one on the list of our best hair clippers.


Technical Specs

  • The Remington Shortcut Clipper comes with an innovative style and design, brush-like features that is, to make trimming hair as simple as brushing them.
  • The set includes a pop-up trimmer that is used to clean up the neckline and the area around the ears.
  • The Remington Shortcut Clipper set also includes five different settings of blades, such as a sliding trimmer, a rinsable blade and a self-sharpening blade.
  • It also comes with a balding comb for those who want to shave their head bald.
  • The Remington Shortcut Clipper also has a built-in comb that can be adjusted to up to five hair length settings.

Who Should Buy the Remington Shortcut Clipper?

The Remington Shortcut Clipper has proven its benefits to a number of people.

  • This brand of clipper is a must buy for every man who just wants to buzz his own head
  • The set is also a great investment for those who own barber shops
  • For those who are looking for that perfect gift for men, this shortcut clipper set is surely a great gift idea


  • One great advantage of having the Remington Shortcut Clipper is that even those who haven’t tried cutting their own hair before can easily learn to use it
  • The shortcut clipper comes with a titanium blade that does not need any constant sharpening and oiling
  • The battery lasts for 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Five minutes is all you need to buzz your head using this Remington shortcut clipper


Some users have commented that the Remington’s blades are hard to clean because they are curved and somewhat sharp.

Decide for yourself if this could be one of the best hair clippers for you. Other than this, here’s what other satisfied customers have said about the Remington Shortcut Clipper set.

Actual User Reviews of the Remington Shortcut Clipper

Get the same haircut over and over… – B. Braswell (Seattle, WA)

“I purchased this hair trimmer a few weeks ago and I’m very happy with it. I get the same precision cut each time. It only takes a few minutes with each use and I use it at least once a week. There have been no battery problems; I keep it plugged in between uses. Sometimes it sounds like it’s winding down just after I’ve started using it, but then it seems to regain it’s strength and finish with plenty of power. The first haircut took about 40-minutes or so, just to get it where I liked it. Since then each haircut only takes a few minutes. I’m now able to keep my hair looking exactly the same all the time. ..”

Be Your Own Barber and Save a Ton – Cary Bell (Plano, TX)

“This is a great gadget to save cash, gasoline and time. It is however just for guys who like short hair. I find that the #2 setting is close but not too close for me. It leaves my hair about a quarter inch long. If you have a short flat top or just a short hair cut then it makes sense to migrate to this product. Don’t misunderstand, you can’t cut a flat top with it but if you are already wearing a close flat top (like I was) then you won’t see much difference anyway…”


Buzzing one’s head comes easy with this great shortcut clipper. And with all other amazing features and benefits that the Remington Shortcut Clipper Set offers, users are guaranteed an attractive and fresh new look at no cost or difficulties.

The Remington Shortcut Clipper is available on Amazon with free shipping

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