Wahl Pro Clipper

Wahl Pro ClipperAnother addition to Wahl’s long line of high-quality best hair clippers, the Wahl Pro Clipper is designed to provide you trimming services in the comfort of your home. Wahl has been known for providing the best hair clippers with the most innovative and revolutionary designs and styles.

The Wahl Pro Clipper is available on Amazon for a 40% discount and free shipping

Specifically designed for men, the Wahl Pro Clipper allows them to trim and cut their hair in any way they want. With the Wahl Pro Clipper, forget about regular visits to local parlors and hair salons as this hair clipper can definitely provide for all your hair trimming needs. Read our review to find out if the Wahl Pro Clipper could be one of the best hair clippers for you.

Technical Specs

  • The Wahl Pro Clipper comes with a professional clipper motor that provides continuous and excellent cutting performance
  • Its blades are rust-proof and chrome-plated to provide a precise cut and an even trim
  • Aside from the clipper itself, the kit also includes a blade guard, two attachment combs, a bottle of clipper oil for maintenance, and a cleaning brush
  • This brand of hair clipper also comes with an ergonomic design to provide balance and control when trimming
  • A complete Wahl hair clipper set includes a free instructional and educational DVD
  • Depending on your preference, the clipper may come with or without a cord. But most would prefer those that are cordless for easy movement when trimming

Who Should Buy the Wahl Pro Clipper?

The Wahl Pro Clipper is recommended to the following:

  • Professional hair stylists and haircutters
  • Men who regularly visit barber shops and parlors
  • People who want to shave all or most of their hair, but cleanly and evenly


  • The Wahl Pro Clipper is so easy to use and maneuver that some won’t even have to watch the instructional DVD or read the manual that comes with it
  • It guarantees a precise cut and trim because of a powerful motor
  • If properly maintained and oiled routinely, this clipper will last long
  • With this hair clipper, complicated haircuts can also be done


While there are many advantages that users can get from the Wahl Pro Clipper, a few customers experienced a couple of issues with this product…

  • The Wahl Pro Clipper can sometimes heat up to an uncomfortable level
  • The blades can eventually develop rust on them if not maintained properly

Actual User Reviews of the Wahl Pro Clipper

Professional Feel – by Sophist

“For years I have gone to the Hair Cuttery for a $12 dollar crew cut. I was always in and out in less than ten minutes. I figured I should invest in a trimmer and do it myself. The Wahl comes with a ridiculous amount of attachments for almost any length or style you desire. The machine itself is dense and heavy. It feels like a professional trimmer. Just four cuts and I am ahead of the game. This is an excellent piece of machinery.”

A perfect cut – by A. Goldberg (Austin, TX USA)

“I’m not a professional, and I don’t require a lot out of a haircut. Like many, I just decided to save a few bucks and run a 3-guard over my own head once a month or so. I went with the Wahl name, and I have no complaints after a year of great (and free) haircuts. The clipper is heavy and solid, which makes it easy to control. It’s not too loud, but the vibration will leave your hand buzzing for a minute afterward. It came with tons of accessories in a great zipper carrying bag. I use the mirror, combs, ear-trim tool, and a couple of different guards to manage my hair and my beard…”


With this great product from Wahl, haircutting comes easy and inexpensive. With its innovative features, no more visits to local salons and barber shops as the Wahl Pro Clipper will provide all your hair cutting and trimming needs as one of the best hair clippers to chose from.

The Wahl Pro Clipper is available on Amazon for a 40% discount and free shipping

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